1. River City Condos Phase 2

River City Condos Phase 2

By: Urban Capital Property Group, Waterfront Toronto

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King St E & River St in Toronto, , ,


Completed in 2014

River City Condos Phase 2 is a new condo and townhouse project located at King St E & River St in Toronto. developed by Urban Capital Property Group and Waterfront Toronto,,The project Estimated completion is set for 2014.
River City Condos Phase 2 Created by Saucier+Perrotte as a dramatic contrast to the edgy, dark exteriors of Phase 1 and 3, the sleek white design of Phase 2 will stand out as a luminescent jewel against the industrial feel of the buildings surrounding it. Three glass mini-towers are connected on each floor with fully glazed passageways; units are constructed to look likes boxes jutting in and out and pivoting left and right. The use of translucent and white materials gives the structure an undeniable appeal that's airy, modern and completely sophisticated.

River City Condos Phase 2 Building Features

  • Saucier+Perrotte designed luminescent white “jewel”, enclosed by the dark panel buildings that comprise River City Phases 1 and 3. Phase 2 is designed as three glass “mini-towers” connected on each floor by glass bridges***
  • Two-storey lobby located on the east “woonerf” (the lane-like road that encircles Phase 2 and connects to River Street), facing the prairie portion of Don River Park
  • Two-storey indoor parking structure located behind the Phase 2 building, connected to the River Street building of Phase 1, with a landscaped courtyard and outdoor heated pool above (see Amenities)
  • Two elevators located in the central “mini-tower”, with an interior corridor connecting through fully glazed passageways*** to the two other “mini-towers” flanking it
  • High security features including Enterphones in all lobby vestibules, an electric fob-based access system at all entry points and to the amenity areas, and strategically located security cameras
  • Twenty-four hour concierge, located in the lobby of the Phase 1 King Street building, and accessible by videophone from the Phase 2 lobby
  • Energy-efficient year-round heating and cooling based on a four-pipe fan coil system
  • Full Tarion Warranty Protection

River City Condos Phase 2 Amenities


Billiards Room | Theatre Room | Yoga & Pilates Studio | Pool
The structures of River City blend seamlessly with the natural landscape around them. The contrasting architectural elements - hard and soft, angles and curves, light and darks - replay beautifully in the design of elegant outdoor spaces.
The courtyard, shared between River City Condos Phase 1 and 2, contrast undulating grasses and textured ground cover with the straight lines and modern edges of a floating deck and a heated, illuminated lap pool. The overall feel is that of a polished wooden boat slicing through gentle waves. A grove of delicate aspens surrounds a private dining area in the south end of the courtyard, offering quiet, leafy respite.