1. Minto WestSide Condos by Minto in Trinity-Niagara Toronto

Minto WestSide Condos by Minto in Trinity-Niagara Toronto

By: Minto

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Bathurst St & Front St West, Toronto, ,


Completed in 2017

Minto WestSide Condos is a new condo project located at Bathurst St & Front St W in Toronto.Will be developed by Minto.

If you are looking for a unique place where you can feel great living, working and enjoying your free time then Minto WestSide Condos is definitely the one for you. It is exceptional and exclusive - close to the waterfront and in the middle of the buzzing shops and restaurants.

Minto Westside condo simply embodies everything that is amazing about living in the middle of a busy city like Toronto and people living in the Minto WestSide Condos aren’t there only because they need a place to stay – that is simply their way of life!

The famous Wallman Architects are the ones behind this project and when it came to the preparation of its design, we knew that is just had to match the pulsating neighbourhood it is situated in.

Wallman Architects wanted the project to blend in and stand out at the same time and that’s why they played around with the architecture style of the area and created 18 and 20-story structures with typically large windows. They had the neighbourhood’s history in mind as it was the Toronto’s warehouse district in the past.

The spirit of Minto Westside condo has remained unchanged and if you were passing by, you would notice that the angled columns and brightly coloured walls are matching perfectly there. The central W Courtyard is winged on the two sides of the building and the whole structure is protecting the private outdoor convenience space. European residential buildings were the inspiration for that particular part and to be more precise, it was the idea of a hideaway from the motion of the city in the encircled outdoor spaces. From their balconies, the residents will have an astounding view to either the private courtyard or the spectacular Toronto horizon.

The angled columns together with the brightly coloured walls seem almost theatrical, looking from the outside but at the same time the building’s two wings allow the residents to relax in their homes and on the sheltered courtyard. The central W Courtyard allows the residents to stay a bit away from the busy activities of the city. Most of the typical European residential buildings are similar to each other in this fashion. The residents can see either the silent city haven or Lake Ontario together with the historic grounds of Fort York. Suites have balconies lowered behind the outside walls which give extra privacy to the habitants.

The 9th floor is where leisure and recreation comes to life. If you’re into spending summer afternoons in the pool than the rooftop and The Plunge Social will be your favorite spot. You can even invite family and friends over and enjoy your time there with them. We also thought about the convenience of the residents outside of the summer season and that’s why we created the indoor Skyline Lounge and Poolside Lounge. These two are perfect if anyone wants to invite friends over for a dinner party, where everyone can enjoy the city view or just hang out outside without leaving the party.

The Walk Score of Minto WestSide Condos is very high at 92/100 which means that residents won’t need a car to get around easily. We are only three minutes away from the 511 BATHURST at the BATHURST ST AT NIAGARA ST stop.

There are also a few surrounding parks - FIXME, Stanley Park and Toronto Music Garden. If you’ll looking for the specific location, it’s Waterfront Communities-The Island neighborhood in Toronto.


One acre courtyard space, rooftop pool, 8,000 square foot gym, indoor/outdoor party spaces.

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