1. Holt Renfrew Tower Condos by Morguard Corporation

Holt Renfrew Tower Condos by Morguard Corporation

By: Morguard Corporation

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50 Bloor Street West, , ,


Holt Renfrew Tower Condos is a new condo project located at 50 Bloor Street West in Downtown Toronto,Will be developed by Morguard Corporation.
Holt Renfrew Tower Condos is steps far from among the city's busiest and crucial crossways at Yonge & Bloor, a location that has actually experienced an exciting transformation throughout this building boom with brand-new buildings that remain to change the urban fabric. The Holt Renfrew Centre has actually long been regarded as the center item of Toronto's "Mink Mile", and a popular feature of the glamourous Yorkville district. With several building in the Bloor Yorkville location being redeveloped, future intensification of the Holt's site seemed inescapable to lots of city enthusiasts. Any type of proposal for such a significant address, nonetheless, will naturally be satisfied by considerable attention.
Morguard sent an ambitious application for an 83-storey mixed-use structure at 50 Bloor Street West. Planned at 277 metres, this would certainly come to be the brand-new tallest household tower in Canada going beyond Aura by 5 metres. That application perhaps be found here, on the city's internet website. At the base of the proposal is an 8-storey podium which features a total amount of 41,080 square metres gross floor space of industrial as well as office usage. The tower would certainly include 600 residential units, while a 620-space blow grade garage is prepared for both residents and also commercial vehicle parking.
There was much conversation relating to the possible architect linked with this famous development, and also rumors concerning different British designers were floating about. In June 2012, the city of Toronto established an official planning page for 50 Bloor Street West with detailed renderings, researches, drawings, and also floorplans disclosed. Pellow and Associates was verified to behind the style of this task, a firm with a profile including primarily rural office buildings and shopping centres.
Holt Renfrew Tower
The 8-storey podium proceeds the sturdy streetwall existence on Bloor Street, and also includes a significant business element. Holt Renfrew will certainly return as a major renter with a broadened crown jewel shop, further establishing it as one of the premier shopping locations in the city. Stone, a familiar material with numerous Yorkville buildings, is recommended to be used on the podium. A glass cube feature is viewed at the eastern end over the tower's entry location. Podium green roofing as well as roof terraces are also proposed in the renderings.
Holt Renfrew Tower
The 83-storey tower is situated on the eastern part of the site, and will certainly increase alongside the 2 Bloor West office structure. A close of the lower section of the tower shows that the stone or precast cladding, from the podium will certainly proceed up until around one third of the tower elevation. The tower massing is damaged up into a series of obstacles. The top portions of the tower showcases modern design, reminiscent of a number of office structures.
Holt Renfrew Tower has to go through several hurdles before being cleared. Ward 27 Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam has already publicly stated that the current proposal does not meet urban planning standards. Issues regarding the proposed driveway and traffic were brought up: situated at an area of such high traffic and pedestrian activity, this is naturally a concern that needs to addressed. Councillor Wong-Tam has also stated that shadowing on the surrounding area is also a concern. As the status of this project is still preliminary, further studies will need to be conducted to decide the future of this project. Check out our database listing here for more renderings. To join the discussion and for further updates please check out our Forum thread here.
At 277 metres high, 50 Bloor Street West will definitely have a dominating visibility over adjoining structures. To place it in persepective, the existing highest in the location is the new Four Seasons at 204 metres. One Bloor East, currently unfinished, is presently intended to be 237.7 metres. 50 Bloor West would absolutely become the new pinnacle of the Bloor Yorkville horizon, a formidable cluster that is promptly establishing itself as a city within the city.

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