1. 400 Front West Condos In Downtown Toronto

400 Front West Condos In Downtown Toronto

By: State Building Group

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400 Front Street West, Toronto, ON, Canada


400 Front West condos is a new condo project, Develop by State Building Group ,Forest Hill Homes and Stanford Homes. located at 400 Front West, Front and Spadina in Downtown Toronto, It is made up of FOUR main buildings. Redevelopment of the surface parking lots at 400 Front Street West to include 1,500,000 square feet of space in four towers between 24 and 60 storeys tall. Extensive public walkways through the site will focus on making adjacent Clarence Square more accessible by pedestrians from the south and east.

 400 Front West Condos In Downtown Toronto

Front Street in Toronto is a lovely area and residents, as well as prospective residents, will be delighted to know that the vacant lot on the corner of Front street West is going to be redone into a stunning condominium building. State Building Group, the company taking on the development, has put in a development proposal for multiple buildings on this particular lot and it’s set to be a spacious and luxurious condominium spanning across four different buildings.

The proposal that State Building Group has put in is for a total square footage of one and a half million square feet of space. This massive amount of living space is set to go to excellent use. The four towers of the proposed condominium will house both units for residential and commercial use and will feature between twenty-four and sixty stories. The design of this proposed space is set to be a collaborative project between Architects Alliance and Public Work – renowned companies that focus both on overall architectural beauty as well as functionality.

The unattractive empty space that the new condominium buildings are set to occupy was unused and wasted. Fortunately, last February, the new proposal for condominium development was set in motion and a meeting was held to address the key issues and queries that had arisen since the motion was put in place. While there are no formal applications for the development of the condominiums on 400 Front street West, the light is still green for the progression of the condominium proposal.

For prospective residents of this future condominium building, they’ll have beautiful one bedroom, one bedroom and den, two bedroom, and two bedroom with a den options to choose from. Additionally, this condominium will feature a 97/100 walk score, making it one of the most resident friendly condominiums in all of Toronto! A simple walk outside the front door allows the resident access to downtown Toronto, the harbor, public transport options, grocery stores, and more.

Overall the 400 Front West condos are going to be an absolutely beautiful residential and commercial place. The four towers will host ample units for prospective buyers, and the buildings themselves will allow for an impressive, functional and attractive use of the currently vacant lot.

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