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The Regional Municipality of Peel (or Peel Region) is a municipality in Southern Ontario, and a large part of the western GTA. The most populous, and possibly most well known, is Mississauga, which makes up the southern third of the region. Slightly further north is Brampton, and the most northern part of the region is the city of Caledon.

The entire region stretches from the greenbelt, and rural towns like Orangeville all the way to the shores of Great Lake Ontario.


Peel region is a far reaching, and critical part of the transportation infrastructure of the GTA. Highways like the 401, 400, 407, and the QEW connect Peel and it's three cities to the rest of the "Golden Horseshoe" of Ontario, up to the "cottage country" of Barrie and the Muskokas, and of course, straight downtown in the hustle and bustle of the Toronto core.

Mississauga, Peel's most southern city is the home of Lester B. Pearson International Airport, Canada's largest airport. Travel to and from the airport is simple, with the new UP Train line, which runs from the airport directly into the city of Toronto with a final stop at Union station.

GO Transit maintains a strong presence and wealth of choices for commuters with stations and train lines in Mississauga and Brampton, with bus services to Caledon.

Job opportunity

Mississauga is a powerhouse, economically, within the GTA, and known throughout the region for it's plentiful job opportunities. 61 Fortune 500 Canadian head offices are found within the city, along with over a thousand other multinational firms and close to 90,000 local and national businesses.

A net importer of jobs, Mississauga has become a prime destination for commuters in the GTA, and continues to grow exponentially, especially in manufacturing sectors, professional and scientific sectors, technical services, and finance and insurance. Approximately 30,000 workers commute into the city every day, and according to a 2016 study, for every 100 residents, there were 56 local jobs.

Caledon, and the more rural communities of the northern part of Peel are a of a different speed, but still attractive to commuters. Located an hour away from Toronto proper, Caledon is the perfect place for families who work in the city, but want to "get away" and live somewhere closer to the country. That said, industry in Caledon is no slouch, with companies like Husky Injection Molding, Pepsi, and Mars Canada housing plants, factories and business campuses in the city.

School, parks

Schools within Peel Region are operated by four school boards, together providing education in both french and english, in both Catholic and secular curriculums. Schools within the region are vibrantly diverse, and committed to preparing children for the global world in which we live. Peel schools work closely with parents and deeply value parent and community involvement.

Peel region is lush with green spaces and parks, with countless activities for the entire family. Port Credit Memorial Park is a must-visit for the region, with kayaking and calming duck ponds as well as playgrounds for children. Rattray Marsh Conservation Area, also is a destination for thousands of visitors from all across the GTA, perfect for dog-walking, picnicking and barbecuing. Walk along the boardwalks and take in the nature all around you - just minutes from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Average household income

The median household income in Peel Region, according the the 2016 census is $75,667. Caledon had the highest median household income in Peel at $96,009.

Condo/ Housing trend

Peel Region is in some ways a cross-section of the GTA. Starting in the south with Mississauga, we see a city booming with industry, and condominiums and other housing skyrocketing along with it. The average selling price of pre-construction condominiums in the city is $379K - a good number for families looking to set down roots, and for homeowners looking to invest. Prices per square foot continue to rise as demand

increases, with the average sitting currently at $632.

Further up, and more central to the Peel Region, we have Brampton, a more suburban community that offers the conveniences of downtown living, with the space and "small town feel". Pre-construction prices in Brampton are in the mid $350 range and are considered healthy investments as the city has been named one of Canada's fastest growing municipalities.

And in the North, Caledon sits with vast potential as a more rural community just far enough from the action. Still connected to the rest of the GTA, Caledon is a dream for those who work in the city, but are looking for a slower-pace at home. Local development has been booming since 2015, when an influx of wealthy and well- educated young families began flooding the region and looking to set down roots.

And so the through-line between these three communities is growth. All across the region, new projects are starting, new buildings and homes are rising, and new families are calling Peel home. Now is the perfect time to invest in a home here, whether it's the towering condos of the urban Mississauga, the potential of the rural communities of Caledon, or something in-between, Peel Region has it all.

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