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Midtown Toronto is often considered the core residential area of Toronto. Just north of downtown, Midtown starts at Bloor Street, and continues north until Lawrence Ave. With the East End, and East York to it's east, York and the West End to it's West, and North York stretching out to it's north, Mid Town is steeped in history and Toronto Culture.

With Lawrence Park, Forest Hill and Rosedale in it's more north and north eastern segments, Midtown is also home to the famous Annex and Yorkville neighbourhoods, often considered the epicentres of the rock and folk music world of Toronto in the 1960s and 70s.

Davisville, Midtown and Deer Park as well as the famous "Yonge & Eg" at the corner of Yonge and Eglinton are hotspots for condo development and increased population density, especially in the last several decades. Affluent, and very green, Midtown is a thriving cultural centre to the city of Toronto and an ideal location for families, professionals, and students alike looking for a nice home or condo right in the thick of it all.


Getting around in Midtown by car is easy - streets both major and residential are laid out in a grid format, with beautiful overhanging trees throughout the various midtown neighbourhoods.

It's not hard to get out to the rest of the city and beyond, either. The Allen Road in midtown's north-west corner is an easy access to Toronto's highway network, connecting residents to Highway 401, 404, 400, and many more. There's also the Don Valley Parkway just to Midtown's east, which winds through Toronto's picturesque ravine system and proves t one one of Toronto's main arterial highways. Once travellers hit one of these major routes, access to "cottage country", eastern towns like Kingston and Peterborough, or the Niagara Region are all short drives away.

Travel within the city of Toronto couldn't be more simple. The Two largest Subway Lines, Line 1 Yonge-University, and Line 2 Bloor-Danforth intersect within Midtown, making transportation through the six boroughs of Toronto and beyond a simple, seamless affair. Spadina Station and Yonge/Bloor Station in particular are transportation hubs, as well as community hotspots for both locals and tourism.

Streetcars also run through many of midtown's neighbourhoods, providing necessary links into the downtown core that the subway alone can't reach, and bike lanes crisscross throughout as well, along major streets and threading through the city's famous valleys in the form of picturesque bike and pedestrian paths.

Job opportunity

Toronto is an international centre for business and finance, known the world over for it's stock exchange and international financial institutions. All the largest banks, as well as Bell Media, Rogers, Manulife, and Hudson's Bay all hold headquarters and towering office buildings within or very close to Midtown.

Neighbourhoods like the Annex and Yorkville, once a bohemian paradise, have matured into diverse, multi-faceted communities that house and employ a great number of the areas students and artists, as well as restaurateurs, small business owners, non-profits and other organizations. It's proximity to the University of Toronto has made midtown a perennially energetic, youthful place, and the industries that follow those young demographics have continued their presence, from coffee shops, to retail to local bars and hangouts.

This section of Bloor, especially around Yorkville is particularly well known for being one of the most trendy retail spots in the entire GTA, with many prestige boutiques, and clothing department stores having beautiful street-level flagship stores in the area.

Further north, tourism spots like Casa Loma, Wychwood Barnes attract hundreds of tourists a day and provide many jobs to the local residents. Employment is also found in the great number of boutique and high-end hotels as well as a few of Toronto's most prestigious private schools.

School, parks

Like many regions in Toronto, Midtown offers a wide choice of education options for new families, with Toronto District School Board making the largest and most well- known, as well as three other school boards that provide english and french education in both Catholic and secular curriculums.

Midtown is also home to some of Toronto's most noteworthy private schools.

Institutions like Upper Canada College, The Bishop Strachan School, and De La Salle College Oaklands, to name just a few.

Midtown is very close to the University of Toronto, one of Canada's highest ranked universities, and is just a short commute to many others including York University, Ryerson University, and OCAD.

Parks in Midtown vary in size, but all are beautiful, well curated escapes from the concrete city. Christie Pits in the region's south-westernmost corner is a community bedrock, featuring pools, water features, and baseball diamonds, Christie Pits is the perfect place to spend a hot summer day, and also plays host to a number of cultural events from farmer's markets to outdoor film festivals.

Other parks like Wychwood Barns and Moore Park ravine bring more of that uniquely "Toronto" feel, each featuring beautiful landscapes, sights and walking paths.

Average household income

The median household income in Toronto, is around $65K, this sits somewhat lower than many other areas in Toronto, but can largely be explained by a much higher frequency of single person households within the city. Median incomes are around the national average, somewhere between $44K-$70K, and in the West End, these numbers are expected to rise within the next decade.

Condo/ Housing trend

Midtown has seen some of the most radical change in all over toronto over the past 50 years. Neighbourhoods have transformed rapidly as progress and urban density have demanded so much from the area. As populations continue to densify, Condos will continue to be the natural choice. We see development strategies from places like Yonge & Eglinton beginning to spread outward, with more high-rise buildings sprouting up in the Annex, and Davisville, among others.

Unused or closed down factories and other lands are being repurposed into thriving community hubs and mixed-used buildings. It's said that within the next twenty years, Toronto will have more high-rise condominium buildings than any other city in the world, and as single professionals continue to prefer downtown and midtown life when compared to more suburban options, it's expected that demand for condos will

continue to rise even after that boom has levelled-off.

Average selling price of pre-construction condos in Toronto is at a healthy high $400K range, meaning that despite all the existing developments, the hunger for new properties is alive and well and now is still an excellent time to invest in the projects throughout Midtown.

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