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Etobicoke is a former city that now makes up the western-most part of Toronto. A large vertical slice of the city, Etobicoke stretches from the Highway 407, areas like Clairville and Smithfield to the shores of Lake Ontario with regions like Mimico, Islington and New Toronto.

Sharing a long border to the west with Mississauga, and with North York, York, and Downtown Toronto towards it's eastern borders, Etobicoke is a central borough to the Toronto landscape, and an attractive place for homeowners of many walks of life.

Primarily a suburban region, Etobicoke is often characterized by large main streets, expressways and shopping malls, as well as idyllic residential streets nestled among the ravines of the city, and canopied by beautiful old trees. It's eastern border is marked by the famously picturesque Humber River and Marshes, making Etobicoke a renowned spot for nature walks that pop in and out of the boroughs urban sprawl.


Etobicoke is well connected to the many roads and highways that make up the GTA's primary transportation system. A simple grid street layout makes access to Highways easy, whether is the 401, Canada's largest, highest traffic highway with access to the northbound Highway 400, or the Queen Elizabeth Way in the borough's southern partition, which turns into the Gardiner on approach to Toronto Downtown Core, and travels southwest to Peel Region and Halton Regions as it eventually takes travellers to Hamilton and around the Golden Horseshoe of Southern Ontario.

The TTC has a robust presence within Etobicoke, making it a no-brainer for easy commutes into the city as well as travel throughout the GTA. Lien 2 Bloor-Danforth has it's western tip ending at Kipling Station near Islington City Centre West in the heart of Etobicoke, and countless bus routes line the many roads and streets heading north and southbound from there. Etobicoke is also linked to MiWay, the Mississauga transit system, and is home to four Go Stations: Etobicoke North, Kipling Station, Long Branch and Mimico.

Job opportunity

Etobicoke is home to many industry headquarters including Pizza Pizza and Sunwing Airlines. It's also one of the most ideal places to live for commuters who work within the downtown core of Toronto - commutes are simple thanks to the TTC and GO Transit, and for residents of Etobicoke, it's common to have a short, 20 minute commute on public transit to work.

Etobicoke is considered one of the best communities in the country for businesses to set up head offices, countless companies run offices, manufacturing plants or warehouses within the area, leading to a strong job market, especially in the chemical, product distribution and manufacturing sectors, as well as automotive parts, electronics and pharmaceuticals. Industry is booming in Etobicoke, and whether you commute to work or stay within the borough, job opportunities are rising across the board.

School, parks

Like many regions in Toronto, Etobicoke offers a wide choice of education options for new families, with Toronto Catholic District School Board making the largest and most well-known, as well as three other school boards that provide english and french education in both Catholic and secular curriculums.

Etobicoke is also home to two post-secondary institutions, Humber College, which holds campuses in Etobicoke, and also the University of Guelph-Humber.

Etobicoke has some of the most beautiful parks in the GTA, many of which are nestled within the ravines and valleys that are so distinct to Toronto's natural geography. Hiking trails and sports fields punctuate beautiful lush green spaces that are home to a number of community events, festivals and amenities meaning that nature is never far away.

From the BMX course and conservatory in Centennial Park to the picnic tables and shady bird sanctuary in Colonel Sam Smith Park, Etobicoke has everything a family looking to spend a hot summer afternoon could ever want. Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Humber Arboretum, take a stroll and take in the beautiful curated gardens, or walk along the Humber River at Humber Bay Park East, just a few kilometres from the city's Financial District.

Average household income

Average household income in Etobicoke is $112,106, and with a booming industry, these numbers are set to increase, making for a healthy housing and resale market.

Condo/ Housing trend

Many new condominium buildings tower above the greenery of the Etobicoke ravines, leading to a new boom of population and economy in the borough. A rise in density along Bloor St. and Humber Bay has lead to a strong middle class and an increase in demand for condos and other more dense housing options.

With a healthy average selling price, pre-construction condos in the area sit in the early $400K range. New listings hold a &674 price per square foot and continue to grow. Rental rates are affordable, but the demand for condos continues to increase as once industrial lands are being repurposed and rejuvinated, creating new neighbourhoods and communities which appeals to younger families and professionals.

Now might be one of the best times in the borough's history to invest in condos in the Etobicoke area. As appreciation rates are rising, and the borough goes through this rebirth.

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