Allegra Homes

Allegra Homes has made an impression throughout the Greater Toronto Area for a number of years since its establishment. They have built various types and styles of new homes throughout Toronto city, and are looking to continue making an impact on society and the lives of their homeowners. Because of their passion for creating living spaces, they have pledged to create the best homes possible for their clients. They believe that the home is the most important place in the world, and while they recognize that it may sound cliché, it truly drives how they build their developments.  They see the home as the most important place because it serves as a sanctuary for those who live in it. It is the place where growth starts that in turn influences society and the future. They have made it their goal to build a cultural institution out of eastern Toronto, where they will focus on preserving the area’s heritage while also adding their own flair. However, this would not be the first time they plan on augmenting historical locations as they have been contributing to salvaging heritage buildings in Toronto for years.

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