Condo vs House vs Townhouse - The Ultimate Comparison Guide for Homebuyers

Home ownership is a goal of the past.

Condos and townhouses are the hottest housing options in urban areas where individual home ownership might not be practical. Owning an entire house isn't for everyone.

Condos and townhouses offer an experience similar to home ownership without some of the drawbacks.

If you are looking to buy a property but aren't sure which type of home is right for you, keep reading for our comparison of condo vs house vs townhouse.


First, let talk about detached houses, or just houses. While home ownership is something to take pride in, it's not right for every individual.

Every homeowner has their own unique situation and set of goals and limitations. When you purchase a house, you own the lot that it sits on. This can be a pro or a con, depending on your priorities.

If you are looking for a large yard or outdoor space for your family, a house might be right for you. Houses often come with garages that can be used as workshops to pursue your hobbies.

Houses range in size and you can purchase one based on the amount of space you need. On the other hand, having more space means more to maintain.

Owning a house means being responsible for exterior and lawn maintenance. For some, gardening and landscaping is a welcome hobby. For others, it ranges from a minor inconvenience to an impossible task.

If your house is located in a neighborhood, you will likely owe homeowners association dues. These fees aren't usually too high, but the services they cover are limited.

Standard HOA fees cover only snow removal, trash collection, and road maintenance.

Location, Location, Location

Many houses are located in rural areas away from cities and suburbs.

The biggest benefit of owning your own house is the privacy that comes with it. Owning your own land and detached structure gives you the ultimate freedom to do as you please.

If you live in a rural area you won't be restricted by any rules or regulations imposed by your neighborhood association.

The downside to owning a house located outside of a community is the lack of access to communal amenities. Not having an HOA means you will be responsible for things like removing your trash.

Houses located in neighborhoods often provide access to community amenities like swimming pools, fitness facilities, and sports courts.


Condo vs House vs Townhouse – The Ultimate Comparison Guide for Homebuyers

Condominiums, which we will refer to simply as condos from here on out, are specific units within a larger property.

Condos are very much like apartments that are contained within a complex. The difference between an apartment and a condo is that condos are owned by the resident.

The other areas of the complex are communally owned by all of its residents. This is different than an apartment complex where residents are tenants in units owned and maintained by the landlord.

With condos, the resident is the homeowner and is responsible for their own condo. Condos allow homeowners to purchase real estate at a more reasonable price than what they would end up paying for a house.


Condo vs House vs Townhouse – The Ultimate Comparison Guide for Homebuyers

Townhouses are often also referred to as townhomes.

Townhouses offer more space than condos because they are individual homes rather than a collection of units. Townhouses are placed side by side and adjacent homes share one or two walls.

This tends to offer more privacy than a condo, but not as much privacy as a house.

Condos vs Townhouses

Most people understand the pros and cons of owning a house. Fewer people understand the finer differences between owning a condo and a townhouse.

As we have covered the basics of owning a house, we are now going to focus on comparing condos and townhouses.

Who Owns the Land?

If you own a condo, you only own the space inside your unit.

The homeowners communally own the exteriors and common areas. Maintenance of these areas is financed by homeowners association dues.

When you own a townhouse, you also own the land the home is built on. Not much, if anything, is jointly owned when it comes to townhouses.

This matters when you are deciding how much space you need and what maintenance duties you are willing to take on. You will owe property taxes whether you own a condo or a townhouse.

The Structure Itself

Condos are physically structured very much like apartment complexes. The difference is that rather than being owned by a landlord or property management company, the homeowner owns the unit itself and has a shared interest in the communal areas.

Residents of condos jointly own the spaces outside of their unit. This includes areas like halls and garages, swimming pools, and the roof of the building itself.

Townhouses are constructed like houses rather than apartment complexes.

The difference is that they are built as a row of houses and are connected by shared walls. Townhouses are narrow in construction and often two or three-story buildings.

Townhouses usually provide a small front yard and backyard and the owner of the townhouse maintains this property. Townhouses often resemble duplexes and triplexes.

Homeowner's Associations (HOA)

Homeowner associations, common in neighborhoods and suburbs as well, are often actually referred to as condo associations.

The HOA is the body that oversees and maintains the communally owned amenities in the condo complex. HOAs are corporate bodies and are managed by an executed board that is elected by the community's residents.

This board makes managerial and executive decisions on behalf of the residents to keep the communally owned property in excellent condition. HOAs are funded by fees, collected either monthly or annually, from the condo owners.

Community meetings are held and attended by condo owners to help make decisions about the complex.

The size and power of an HOA varies by the complex.

Some HOAs collect few dues and have little authority. On the other hand, some HOAs charge high dues and exercise large amounts of authorities through many rules and regulations.

If you purchase property governed by an HOA, you are required to maintain membership with the HOA and pay dues.

Before purchasing a townhouse or condo you should request a copy of the HOA documents to gauge the style of the particular HOA.


Condos have much higher HOA fees than townhouses. This is because condos have shared exterior and communal maintenance that has to be funded.

Condos often come with amenities like pools and clubhouses that require funding. The cost of the HOA dues is the tradeoff for not having to maintain these areas yourself.

Condos HOA fees sometimes include other monthly expenses that you would be responsible for paying on your own if not for the association. These fees include water, cable, some utilities and services, and insurance premiums.

You might pay HOA fees if you own a townhouse, but they will be significantly lower. HOA fees for townhouse owners usually only cover a few services such as waste removal and lawn care, if offered.


One of the biggest benefits of owning a condo over a townhouse or a detached house is the ease of maintenance.

Many condo associations assist with maintenance in the same manner as an apartment complex. Your HOA may fix problems within your unit and of course, they will handle the maintenance of the exterior.

They will hire contractors like gardeners and roofers to maintain the common areas and all of this is paid by your regular HOA dues.

Townhouses require homeowners to do most of the maintenance themselves or to privately hire a contractor themselves. Townhouses might not even have an HOA, as not all of them do.

HOA dues are low but they do not cover grounds upkeep or major maintenance like roof replacements.

Which Is Right for you?

Deciding which type of home for you is a personal decision. There are pros and cons to both condos and townhomes.

Condos might come with more advanced security features but place you in closer proximity to your neighbors.

Townhouses might have more standard home security measures but offer a bit more space.

It really comes down to your needs and preferences. Both condos and townhouses are excellent choices for first time home buyers and those looking to downsize later in life.

Townhouses and condos both offer affordable urban living with less maintenance than a traditional house.

Condo vs House vs Townhouse

We hope that this guide has given you some insight into the comparison of condo vs house vs townhouse.

Purchasing real estate is a big deal and careful consideration should be given to the type of home you buy.

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Top 6 Museums in Ontario

There is nothing like spending an afternoon walking around a museum. It can be the diversity in color or the emotion that each piece of art gives off. Whatever it is exactly, and whether or not you are all dressed up for a day at the museum, or simply walk around in your flip-flops and a classic oversized camera, there is a lot to see in Ontario’s art scene.

As a matter of fact, Ontario is the second largest Canadian province that is greatly filled with countless museums. We, ourselves, love spending our afternoon time not only working but also exploring what Ontario has to offer in terms of the art scene. Which is why we have listed down our top 6 choices of museums found across Ontario in this article, so you definitely won’t miss them.

Royal Ontario Museum

The Royal Ontario Museum is Canada’s largest museum. It features both edgy and science-related artwork. The Royal Ontario Museum has a strong partnership with the University of Toronto, and thanks to this partnership, the museum can offer its visitors highly informative and up-do-date exhibits that ranges from dinosaurs to modern trends in fashion.

The Royal Ontario Museum is also the home to a highly extensive artwork collection from all around the world. The museum’s exterior is well-renowned for its bold design, featuring a striking crystalline accent contrasting with the actual building’s original facade.

Canadian War Museum

The Canadian War Museum gives off too many emotions, but it’s enlightening and educational, nonetheless. This museum is haunting in ways that all of its exhibit pieces shaped Canada as we know it today. Situated in one of Canada’s architectural landmarks, the Canadian War Museum has a highly comprehensive display of collections that ranges from weapons, war-time military vehicles, uniforms, artworks, and other war-related pieces.

The Canadian War Museum also has a large multimedia exhibit that features a complete replica of World War I trench, making each visitor feel like they are exactly where the museum intended them to feel they are.

But what visitors usually enjoy in the Canadian War Museum is their interactive exhibit about much more recent conflicts. In this part of the museum, visitors will be provoked to form their own inferences and opinions about the concept of war and peace. What sets this museum apart is that at night, the building lights up with various messages that are spelled out in Morse code.

National Gallery of Canada

Go over a wide range of local and international art pieces of numerous disciplines at the National Gallery of Canada, one of the country’s leading galleries and for a good reason. The National Gallery of Canada features some of history’s most beloved artists such as Dali, Picasso, Warhol, Mondrian, and a lot more. Visitors who are also into photography would find the gallery’s Photography Institute here.

After exploring the gallery’s vast collection of art pieces, famished visitors can dine in the in-house restaurant, and relish the view of the river as well as the Parliament buildings. They also have a gift shop where visitors can buy a plethora of souvenirs and art related publications.

Hockey Hall of Fame

The Hockey Hall of Fame is one of world’s largest collections of its kind. The Hockey Hall of Fame elevates the celebrated names and storied history of the country’s most famous and most favorite sport.

The museum is housed in a very historic 19th century bank building and contains a little over 15 different types of exhibits that covers a wide range of topics regarding hockey.

In the Hockey Hall of Fame, visitors will find a vast collection of equipment and trophies, as well as other game-related artifacts collected over the years. What makes this museum better for hockey enthusiasts is that visitors can try taking a few photos of themselves at the museum’s simulator.

Visitors to the Hockey Hall of Fame must never miss the great hall, which is the museum’s crowning glory. This particular hall features numerous information and portraits that commemorates the hall of fame’s growing 250 inductees.

Canadian Museum of Nature

The Canadian Museum of Nature was established in 1912, and currently occupies the magnificent Victoria Memorial Museum Building, which was described as a Scottish Baronial in terms of style and is also nominated as a National Historic Site.

Admire the decoratively elaborate, palace-like infrastructure, and discover the exhibit rooms that feature a vast collection of displays about all facets of natural history. They also have an abundance of fossils and dinosaur skeleton collection for their visitors to discover. One can also view their elaborate collection of over 500 taxidermies as well as dioramas of native wild mammals and birds and discover their large collection of rocks and minerals.

Additionally, the Canadian Museum of Nature features an extraordinary exhibit called the marine life exhibit which boasts a blue whale skeleton, while the Animalium contains a vast collection of live insects and arachnids.

Canada Aviation and Space Museum

The final item on this list is the Canada Aviation and Space Museum. Learn about mankind’s stellar sky adventures as you go around the museum’s enormous hangars and look at their extensive collection of military and civilian aircraft displays which tells the story of the Canadian aviation history.

In the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum, visitors will have the chance to find out what it feels like to be sitting on a plane’s cockpit or experience the thrill one gets when one is seated on an ejector seat instead. This museum also has a lot of artifacts related to the International Space Station.

Our picks may be too few to many, but we are sure that visiting the places we have included in this short list will be quite an adventure on foot like no other for anyone who tries to scratch off each place we listed. Put on your best walking shoes and feast your eyes on what Ontario’s art scene has to offer. A day at an Ontario museum will surely be one for the books.

Top 5 Bistros in Toronto

Toronto, Canada's largest city, has not really hopped in on the global street food train. However, hot dog carts are easily available almost everywhere you go. This has been popularly compared to New York, the only difference is that Toronto’s street hot dogs are surprisingly good and far better than that of New York.

The lack of the street food chain does not stop local foodies from their search for Toronto’s top bistros and restaurants. Even without a street-food area, Toronto is still filled with dining options, just take a stroll through the Kensington Market, an unusual location that appears to be more like a museum exhibit than a standard neighborhood. This strip surprisingly features the best of Toronto in just a few blocks.

This strip of an area was once a Jewish community that was filled with merchants on pushcarts but has since evolved over the past few decades as the number of immigrations expanded across Canada. This significant wave of population change gave the city a chance to thrive more, eventually turning it into the heart of Toronto’s food culture.

In this article, we have listed down our top five choices of gastronomical satisfaction that you can only find in Toronto.

Dayali Beijing Roast
Duck 20 Gibson Dr., Markham, ON L3R 8B5, Canada

Despite featuring the infamous Beijing Roast on their store’s name, the actual crowd favorite or “stars” of Dayali are actually its crispy bullfrog legs on a stick, its bowl of spicy shrimp, and the crème de la crop, fried chunks of last night’s duck bones.

Weird as it may sound, that last one is actually what Dayali’s customers always look for when they dine in. It is served with scraps of cumin-scented meat that is clinging to its neck, and a side of potato chips, a comfort food like no other.

In Dayali, reservations are highly suggested for large groups of diners, but even with a reservation, expect to be waiting at the door like the rest of its regular customers.

Hopper Hut
880 Ellesmere Rd., Toronto, ON M1P 2W6, Canada

The Hopper Hut is a fantastic Sri Lankan restaurant. They are initially famous for their pancake bowls made from coconut milk and rice flour. These pancake bowls are usually used to serve its customers with vegetable or curry.

The Hopper Hut also features traditional Sri Lankan spices on their dishes. You can find it on their mutton or crab curries that are well balanced in terms of heat. These dishes are served with a platter of a roti variation called Kothu, which is a flat bread that is chopped and fried along with eggs, chili, and your choice of meats. It can also be served with Lamprais, which is basically rice, meat, beans, fried anchovies and pickled vegetable. Also, their serving is bigger than expected that might keep you full until dinner time.

Mustafa Turkish Pizza
866 Wilson Ave, North York, ON M3K 1E5, Canada

Mustafa is pretty much a straightforward pizza joint. They are popularly known for their pide, or pideler if you prefer the plural form. This is a classic Turkish pizza variety that is actually a think and crispy flatbread. This is then layered with a generous topping of ground beef, spinach, tomatoes, and feta as well as eggs and sausage, mozzarella and pastrami, and even a dozen salt-bomb mixtures.

They also have iskender, which is also a highly popular dish on their menu. It is simply buttered lamb that is cooked on a rotisserie. This is then served with a classic thick yogurt, similar to a shawarma. To top it all off, the interior of Mustafa is designed like a cave.

The Stockyards
699 St. Clair Ave. W, Toronto, ON M6C 1B2, Canada

The Stockyards is a rather cozy place and despite of the customer’s demand to finally expand it in terms of size, the owners of this popular smokehouse have yet expanded the dining space or expanded the brand.

The Stockyards serve classic fried chicken, smoke ribs, and burgers, and it seems that they plan to stay that way. Keeping their simple goal of satisfying their customers with their well-loved, and delectable, gastronomical options.

1 Benvenuto Pl., Toronto, ON M4V 1H3, Canada

If you are looking for a place fancy enough to celebrate a special occasion, Scaramouche is the right place in Toronto for you. Scaramouche is a fine dining bistro where tables are classically covered in white tablecloths and where classic European cuisines are served daily.

In Scaramouche, entrees are comprised of plates with green goodies and starch that surrounds a surprisingly large portion of meat – a classic dining plating that never goes out of style.

What’s great is that this particular restaurant sits on a crest of a hill which looks down over Toronto. This is a particularly great place to celebrate intimate evenings with a loved one, where you can have a slice of their infamous white chocolate and coconut cream pie while you enjoy the view.


604 King St. W, Toronto, ON M5V 1M6, Canada

Although Buca did not make the top 6, we believe that it deserves a special mention in this article.

Buca is well-known partly because of its equally famous chef, Rob Gentile, has an obsession with using only quality ingredients in each dish he serves. Chef Rob is a highly skilled and talented man, he knows exactly when to cover a lily with think gold, truffles and melted burrata. He also knows exactly when to make a lampredotto a crusty bun that is packed with tripe and spicy tomato sauce.

Additionally, Buca is a well-decorated space with a subtle lighting that really sets the mood for a great dinner option.


Wherever you are in Toronto, there is always a place for you to dine. It can be overwhelming at times, due to the fact that there are far too many choices, but it is what makes Toronto such a perfect place to be.

5 Shopping Malls in Ontario

Ontario is jam packed with a ton of shopping centres where you and your friends could easily devote days just exploring them.

People would spend hours on end to walk around a mall, not necessarily buying anything but could be looking around for prospect items or collections to update their fashion knowledgebase. Additionally, there are people who also spend hours in the mall to just hang out and have a lovely time with friends and family.

And then there are shopaholics.

People who love to shop in general will truly love boarding on a mission to look for the most to-die-for fashion pieces and collections that might probably range from vintage finds, highly talented local designers, all the way to international haute couture.

In this article, we are going to share with you our top five favorite malls across Ontario, we understand that there are far too many shopping malls out there, but we have only picked out the ones that are game changers. So, put on your best pair of sneakers, and prepare for a mall-crawl.

Toronto Eaton Centre

The Toronto Eaton Centre is one of Ontario’s most iconic shopping malls. It is conveniently situated along the downtown area of Yonge Street, right in the center of Dundas and Queen.

The Toronto Eaton Centre is a highly stylish shopping centre; one can take a photo in front of the infamous Canada Geese statue that flies overhead as you enter and walk through the glass ceilinged infrastructure. Inside, you will be welcome to explore a variety of restaurants and services, as well as around 250 retail stores.

You can start by going through the Hudson’s Bay situated on Queen Street, which is the company’s main location. Here, you can discover tons of high-end designer finds in The Room, while a mid-price range of stuff if you go in Saks Fifth Avenue.

There is more to this shopping mall than you can imagine as a matter of fact the Toronto Eaton Centre will also serve you with international brands right at your fingertips with brands such as H&M, J. Crew, and the infamous Apple Store.

If you ever get tired of shopping, you can always retire from it and have a sumptuous meal from their selection of vast culinary options on their food court.

Vaughan Mills

Also famously known as a shopper’s dream, the Vaughan Mills is situated a little bit along the northern part of Toronto all the way into the city of Vaughan. It can be easily accessed through Highway 400.

This shopping mall got its tag for being anchored by several highly popular retail stores such as everyone’s favorite, Victoria’s Secret, then Saks OFF 5th, and The Children’s Place.

What sets the Vaughan Mills shopping mall apart is that it has a specific area for people who loves the outdoors! Outdoorsy customers and visitors may always head on to the enormous Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World which is packed with fishing, hunting, and camping gears, gizmos, and supplies.

Also, if you are carrying a toddler with you, or kids in general, why not treat them to the 40,000 square foot LEGOLAND Discovery Centre. It’s packed with exciting rides, Master Model Builder workshops, an impressive LEGO model of Toronto’s most iconic landmarks, and a 4D Cinema.

Toronto Premium Outlets

If you cannot find exactly what you are looking for at other shopping malls or retail shops, perhaps the Toronto Premium Outlets may have exactly what you want and need. Technically, it’s a bit farther from the city compared to the rest of the shopping centres mentioned in this article, but it has a highly impressive collection of amazing local and high-end brands for much cheaper at outlet prices.

The Toronto Premium Outlets is surely for all sorts of bargain-hunters. Whether you are looking for sportswear, or high-end designer fashion pieces, the Toronto Premium Outlets have everything. They carry international brands such as Hugo Boss, Ted Baker London, Adidas, and even Zumiez. You are guaranteed to find amazing brands and pieces which are priced impressively whichever time of the year you decide to go.

Square One

Situated in the southwest area of the city all the way to Mississauga, more amazing retail treats await anyone who loves to shop in Square One. It is actually one of the largest shopping malls across Ontario, and currently it is boasting a little over 360 stores and services in more than 1.6 million square feet of shopping space. Dubbed as the Emerald City by those who are enchanted by its large scale, you can explore both local and high-end international brands and boutiques in Square One.

You can find brands such as M for Mendocino, Stars Mens, and even Ann Taylor. Additionally, Ben Sherman and Simons opened in 2016, kicking up the fashion game up a notch. If that is not enough to keep you in awe, there are also plenty of specialty stores for footwear, electronics, and accessories as well as a wide range of dining options to top it all off.

Yorkdale Shopping Centre

The Yorkdale Shopping center is situated in the northwest part of Ontario. One can easily take a short drive or a quick subway ride going to this particular shopping center.

This shopping mall is well packed with a highly impressive variety and range of brands and merchandise. You can find almost everything you need and want from the Yorkdale Shopping Centre, and we mean anything from toys, books, fashion, food, and even kitchenware.

It contains a little over 250 stores inside, and actually has the highest concentration of luxury brands across Toronto.  Additionally, apart from the large scale of fashion and accessory shops in Yorkdale, it has also provided space for much more unique shops such as Zara Home and the LEGO Store.

There are far more too many shopping malls spread out across Ontario, but nothing compares to the ones mentioned above. With their vast selection of not only local and international fashion brands, they have stepped up the shopping game across Canada.

Top Accessible Parks in the York Region

Over the last couple of years, York has developed tremendously. These days, the York Region boasts a couple of world-class amenities that ranges from a great shopping experience, a lively night life, to an incredible variety of dining options. York is also one of the most accessible cities in Canada and with its booming economy and relatively low unemployment rates, its population is not exactly the only thing that is growing significantly, but also its increasing quality of life.

Today, York has developed into a modern city with highly developed neighborhoods. North York is also a highly multicultural and diverse city. The many new highly compact condos in York that are being industrialized and sold within its borders are expected to radically increase its population. This means that more and more families and/or individuals are looking forward to jumpstart not only their careers in York, but also their lives.

Having said that, it is only natural for families and/or individuals to look for places around York to spend time with their families and/or colleagues. And although, York offers its residents so many options for entertainment, art, and shopping, what sets the York Region apart from the rest of the country is its undeniable abundance of parks that can be easily accessible for a weekend camping or ski trip, or just a place to jog or a place to cut loose from the hustle and bustle the of the metropolitan area.

Here are a couple of parks across the York Region that you might want to check out:

King Trail (Seneca College)

The King Trail is one of Ontario’s best kept secret hiking spots. Hikers who would want to experience the outdoors will be welcomed by picturesque meadows, rolling hills, wetlands, a lush forest, and a highly historic pathways that would lead to Eaton Hall. A provincial trail like no other.

The King Trail also proudly hosts a portion of the Oak Ridges Trail, which is a highly innovative way to expand the recreational trail that would range from the Albion Hills, through the west, and finally to the Northumberland Forest along the eastern side

Additionally, the King Trail offers its visitors roughly 14 km of its own internal trails for hiking in during the summertime, as well as cross-country skiing during the winter months. The King Trail has a ski shop that opens during the winter season to serve the ever-growing number of skiers in the region. The Seneca College in turn offers its trail visitors a comprehensive guide called the King Nature Guide that will show the visitors the abundance of natural features of the park.

Holland River Trail

The Holland River Trail is nestled between the western part of Second Concession and the northern part of Green Lane. The Holland River Trail is situated within the Holland Landing community and begins from the western part of the dam and goes all the way to the west, along the southern part of the Holland River. This particular park trail offers its visitors an ample space for biking, skiing, and more! This park trail is made up of mixed bush, a small wetland, a meadow, and of course, the river, all of which provides the visitors a very picture-perfect surrounding.

Mabel Davis Trail

The Mabel Davis Trail is nestled between The Tannery and the Bayview Parkway. It is basically a strip of land that was donated to the region’s conservation authority by a resident of Newmarket called Mabel Davis.

The Mabel Davis Trail is around 7.25 hectares big and is surrounded by urban establishments, despite this though, the Mabel Davis Trail still manages to offer its visitors ample greenery with its wide range of animals and plants, this includes muskrats, racoons, and even cotton-tail rabbits!

This particular trail runs along the Holland River banks and runs all the ways through the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority’s Newmarket office making it a highly significant trail system in the region.

Bruce’s Mill Conservation Area 

The Bruce’s Mill Conservation Area is situated along the Stouffville Road, which is along the western part of Stouffville, and provides the area’s residents and visitors alike a great place to have a family outing.

But while practically every conservation park can provide its visitors a place for a nice family day-out, what sets the Bruce’s Mill apart is that it also offers special activities that are exclusive to the park. These activities are as follows: Treetop Trekking for highly adventurous families with kids that are about nine years old and older. They also have a zip lines, some rope bridges, a couple of Tarzan swings and more.

The Bruce’s Mill Conservation Area also hosts the annual Sugarbush Maple Syrup festival every March and early April. The festival offers its attendees maple syrup-topped food selections, a short interpretative hike for families about the sweet treat, a pony and wagon rides, as well as a petting zoo.

Truly, there is more to Bruce’s Mill Conservation Area than just a regular family picnic.

Brooks Farms

Located at just on the eastern part of Mount Albert at 122 Ashworth Rd., Brooks Farms is technically situated in the Durham Region, but since the address is still on Mount Albert, we have included it in this list. And for a special reason, that’s why.

Similar to the other parks and trails mentioned in this article, Brooks Farms gives its visitors a wonderful experience through its vast range of activities. In Brooks Farms, one can enjoy a pirate ship, and other creatively made playgrounds, an interactive farm zoo, berry picking, robotic singing chickens (yes, that’s right!) and train rides, too!

Brooks Farms also hosts several festivals such as the annual Easter Egg Hunt, Maple Sugar, Fall Fun, and other just as fun seasonal festivals.

Truly, there is more to the York Region than its well-renowned metropolitan spaces. It is also a perfect place to raise a family, and live and enjoy the kind of lifestyle that one may find suitable for them. We invite you to come and discover the natural beauty that North York has to offer beyond the metropolis. Come and see for yourself, experience the cool running streams, tree-lined valleys, and the creeks that make up North York and brands it the most ideal, highly sought, and most anticipated place to spend quality time with your family.

Great Interior Desginers for Condos

Condos across Canada is popping up like mushrooms. As a matter of fact, 1 in 8 households in Canada resides in a condominium which is normally located in bigger metropolitan areas, further increasing the accessibility, population, and the economy of the country.

There may be hundreds of condo development across the country by now, and although most condos are already designed to fit each one of their clientele’s lifestyle needs in terms of being situated in a highly accessible area. Still it is a blank space, a box or a canvass that may be too cold if not too bland to call a home, on top of it, it can be intricate enough to decorate due to its space or area restrictions.

But what these condo units may lack in terms of aesthetics and character, great Canadian interior designers can surely fill without fail. Like condos, there are also dozens, perhaps even hundreds, of interior designers out there that can help transform your bland space into a homier and cozier dwelling.

However, finding a reliable, creative, and most importantly knowledgeable designer can be really tricky. On top of that, hiring an interior designer alone can get really expensive due to the fact that they mostly work on their own, and tagging along sub-contractors which will surely blow up the costs. In this article, we have listed down a few interior design companies that may just fit your needs and your budget to make your empty box space a homier place to live.

LUX Interior Design Inc.

Whether you have recently purchased a condo unit, or you just want to update or upgrade your current living spaces with a fresh design, LUX Interior Design Inc. has got you covered. They have a specific plan exclusively for condos which they call The Condo Quickie. The Condo Quickie is probably the best solution to crafting your dream condo space.

Their Condo Quickie package actually includes but is not limited to maximizing of small floor areas, floor plan creating as well as furniture placement illustrations. Paint colour and/or wall accents, and wallpaper placements and samples, window treatments which includes design and options, comprehensive furniture sourcing, purchasing, and even coordination upon delivery.

On top of all that, they also provide their clients an interior design presentation which will illustrate exactly the design vision complete with photos, samples and finishing sources. Plus, this plan also comes with an on-site meeting with their top designer to not only determine your style, but also make your goals and dreams come to life.

LUX is very much transparent in terms of fees, as a matter of fact you can get all those for just $1999, however, travel fees of their staff may apply depending on your location.

Lavish Design Build

Unlike LUX, Lavish Design Build does not offer a highly specific condo plan but instead they offer their clients a full-service construction, interior design and staging firm that is conveniently situated in the Greater Toronto Area. Lavish Design Build mainly focuses on building and designing highly sustainable but luxurious spaces, including condos with a relatively smaller floor area.

They did not specify exactly what type of plans or packages they offer, but it can be guaranteed that they work as a team and is in fact made of leaders from design, project management, engineering, and architecture. They work together in a highly streamlined process to not only create and construct beautiful designs but also give their clientele the best experience and products they can provide them with.

Lavish Design Build focuses on not only quality, excellent service and communication, but also great innovation. These are the core of their business and is mainly the reason behind their great success. To the team of Lavish Design Build, client relationship is of high importance. Knowing their client well will allow them to create each project they take on to be uniquely tailored to their client’s best interests and needs, to which they apply a highly streamlined process that surely gives the best results.

The Lavish Design Build team is not only successful, but they are one of the best teams in the entire industry. This is due, not only because of their highly admirable work ethics, but also with their technique of combining the precision of science with creative and great vision that is not only innovative but also sustainable. They ensure that the projects they deliver to their clients is not only of high quality but also smartly organized, maximizing limited spaces for the best outcome.

Camden Lane Interiors

Camden Lane Interiors is a well-renowned Toronto based residential interior design company. Their design services promise to bring you a stress-free project process down to the very first consultation through the final, big reveal of your home. They mainly focus on space planning to make sure that every square inch your small space will be maximized. This is made possible through their innovative processes and custom products to make sure that your home gets the fine details and luxurious finishes it needs.

Whether you are moving into a new condo space in Toronto, or just want to give your existing condo space a fresher and better look, Camden Lane, similar to LUX, has a specific set of packages for condos. What sets Camden Lane Interiors apart from LUX is that it offers several condo design packages that will surely fit within your budget as well as your requirements.

Their Deluxe-Full Interior Design package would start from $3000 plus travel fees for the staff upon consultation. This package includes full interior decorating, colour consultation, remodeling of kitchen and bath spaces, new finishes, plumbing & lighting fixtures, custom cabinetry design (if needed), 3D rendings, as well as furniture, accessory, and space styling.

What sets Camden Lane Interiors apart is that their clients would personally work directly with their lead interior designer, the well-renowned Toronto interior designer Lucy Morozko. Working along with her on a condo project means creating a collaborative experience packed with creativity and functionality that would best suit one’s lifestyle.

7 Minimalistic Condo Design Ideas

In the recent years, condo living became not only popular but also a very efficient way to get through a metropolitan type of lifestyle. This is mainly due to a condo’s accessibility to various educational establishments and/or business or corporate districts. Living in a relatively smaller space like a condo enables its dwellers to be near whenever they need and want to be, however, living in smaller spaces with barely or without much outdoor floor area can be very challenging in terms of decorating and organizing. The most popular idea is that living in a condo limits one’s choices when it comes to furnishing their cozy spaces.

However, what most people don’t see is that even cozy condo spaces can have as much personality as would a bigger space. As a matter of fact, having a cozier space can be a great opportunity to unleash one’s creativity when it comes to home design.

Here are a couple of minimalistic condo design ideas for you to use on your cozy condo space:

  1. Classic Elegance

This particular type of design mainly focuses on neutral bold colors of beige, gray, and even dark brown for accent. This is a timeless type of home design that will surely make your guests go “wow” when they enter your cozy abode. Despite its title, Classic Elegance need not to be expensive at all, all you need is attention to detail, which means you’ll have to look out for classic finds in yard sales or wherever you can pick out design pieces for your home. Make sure to add in lights and fixtures to illuminate your cozy space and make it appear larger, also choose furniture that are glassy and well-polished.

  1. Bold and Retro

Bold and Retro may sound very overwhelming, in fact, most people would shy away from this because it seems too extra or too big of a move to do in such as small space. However, going for both bold and retro isn’t as complicated as it sounds. You can start with picking basic vintage wood colors such as earthy green, maroon, brown, even dirty white then accentuate it with pops of disco colors such as orange and red. Sounds easy so far? Good. Get this, get creative with vintage clutter. Use old books, records, old catalogs, or go crazy on a disco light! You can use these items as décor if you want to avoid heavier or bigger types of decoration pieces. In terms of furniture, an earth colored couch, a tea set, or a woody dining table would pull everything together. You’d be surprised at how good it would look in a small space, without sacrificing too much floor area.

  1. Clean and Green

Canada is beautifully lined with trees and mountains, and there’s no reason for you to incorporate it into your cozy space. City living does not always provide you with the greenery your eyes need, and your soul craves but improvising your own garden and making use of your wide windows might just help appease these longings. Allow natural light to enter your home, use light curtains and line up your home garden; you’d be surprised at how much spacious your cozy space may appear to be.

  1. Coffee and Natural Light

Speaking of natural light, now that you have let the sunshine in add in more details. Make a coffee or tea space; get a polished wooden table or an earth-tone couch, then accentuate with colors that would soothe not only your eyes but also your sense such as brown, orange, beige, retro pink, and don’t forget lots of greens. Your space would be so inviting, one might not resist not to relax and have a cup of joe.

  1. Classy Glassy

Most condo development these days make use of large glass windows to give a rather cozier place more natural light, in turn, making it seem larger than it actually is. Take advantage of this. Let the moon and sunlight in, use light curtains but also don’t forget to invest on high quality window blinds for when the sunlight gets too harsh or too bright. Remember: Glass is class.

  1. Timeless White

Simple as it may look, white is a timeless color. Although a lot of people shy away from this shade because of the connotation that it will get dirty easily, white is still on loop to this day. As a matter of fact, over the past few years it has dominated condo home design. White automatically gives off a fresh and clean appearance and ambiance to any cozy condo space. It is very cool in the eyes and can even release heat compared to darker colored walls. Don’t be afraid to paint your walls white, embrace it and you’ll be surprised at how versatile it is in terms of decorating.

  1. Professional

Most condo dwellers are busy professionals and students who are most probably far too busy to work on their cozy condo space. For most condo dwellers, their units are just meant for bathing and sleeping, perhaps having the occasional breakfast in the morning, but most often than not, it is barely lived in. Which is why it should be designed in a way that it is easy to maintain. Go for bold looks combined with black, white and browns, then position your furniture and appliances in a way that they are easy to access when you get up in the morning, when your take a shower and get dressed. This will make your condo-living more streamlined and relaxing, as compared to a highly cluttered space.

There are a few things that every condo dweller in Canada must always keep in mind in designing and decorating their units: maximum use of space, practical planning, and most importantly self-expression. Home design and decorating is a form of art and should not run short of your personality to amplify its character and purpose. It is of utmost importance, also, that you maintain organization throughout the home so that you won’t be wasting money and time in the long run. Small and cozy as it may be, it can still be the place you can call a home.